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Introducing the newest and greatest thing to happen to inflatable stand up paddleboards. Our NEW 10’6” inflatable paddleboard with patented built-in thermally insulated storage compartment. This built-in storage compartment is waterproof and thermally insulated so it can be used for dry storage or it can be used as a cooler. This compartment measures 22" by 15" and has a convenient zipper for easy access. Now you can SAFELY take almost anything with you on your next paddleboarding adventure. This set comes complete with a 10’6” inflatable stand-up paddleboard with built-in compartment, 3-Piece adjustable paddle, detachable third fin, coil leash, high-pressure two-way pump, and travel backpack.


UPC# 860007593314

Ei 10'6"Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard with Built In Storage Compartment

SKU: UPC 860007593314
$299.95 Regular Price
$189.95Sale Price
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  • We are proud to introduce our latest innovation to inflatable stand-up paddleboards. This Patented built-in compartment is fully insulated and completely waterproof so it can be used as a cooler or for dry storage. Convenient zipper access. The interior of the compartment measures 22" long by 15" wide. 

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