Introducing the newest and greatest thing to happen to inflatable paddleboards since they were first introduced... This Einstein Innovations 10'6" inflateable sup now includes a built in storage compartment that can be used for dry storage, cold item storage, or hot item storage. This thermally insulated  compartment is completely waterproof and has a convenient zipper for easy access. 


Now you can take almost anything with you on your next paddleboarding adventure. Never worry about loosing your items again!

 UPC# 860007593314


Ei 10'6"Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard with Built In Storage Compartment

SKU: UPC# 860007593314
  • This item will be available for purchase in a couple of months. This item will only be available through Einstein Innovations. Check back or email us asking to be put on the contact list and we will contact you as soon as they are in stock.